Toghether since 1995

It was 1995 when three friends, Ettore, Paolo and Roberto, decided to join forces and embark upon an important project: a new Wine-making enterprise able to innovate and develop the territory.

It was with this commitment that Cantina Poderi delle Rocche was established. Farsighted in their approach to wine-making, the three partners highlighted the qualities of the raw materials, the complexity of the Albana and native grape varieties of their land, by creating wines with precious characteristics.

Research into leading-edge vinification techniques and continuous quality improvements have not deprived the product of the traditional manual skills required.
All the processes are performed by the partners, with help from their employees and family members. Thus each bottle of wine is transformed into a quality product and is personally checked.

Poderi delle Rocche wine is the tangible result of the passion with which the land between Dozza, Linaro and Montecatone is cultivated. The chemical-physical composition of the soil and its exposure to sunlight help the vines to grow in a healthy, thriving way and give rise to little works of art.

Cantina Poderi delle Rocche continues to develop and to grace our tables with the engaging smile of the lands of Romagna.